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Those that can, do.

When I'm not working, one of the things I love is supporting local charities and fundraising for those close to my heart. This year I'm supporting the Brain Tumour Charity, read more below!


In memory of James. Shine on.





I'm raising money because I don't know how to cure cancer - but The Brain Tumour Charity makes life better for my nephew-in-law James.

I want him and his brother Joshua to laugh, play and share secrets till they're old and grey.

Did cycling 310 miles in 3 days from London to Paris help raise money for this cause?

- that's up to you.

Your donation will be used to change the lives of many people, including James and his family.

From them, me and everyone you'll help in the future - Thank you

Thank  you!

We raised £60k for great charities!

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