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                                 adjective /ɔːˈθɛntɪk/

I’m a Technology Evangelist at Sage.

After connecting people and technology for over 20 years, continuing that technical messaging as a Technology Evangelist was an incredibly fulfilling and natural progression.

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Sage supports the beating heart of thousands of amazing businesses across the world, and I'm very proud to champion the technical prowess of Sage’s Medium Business Segment products: Sage X3, Sage People and Sage Intacct.

2 Minute Tuesday Playlist

is now you YouTube!

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Inspirational Technology Storyteller

Having spent many years in presales successfully leading the technology message, my next step is to ignite the passion in others and grow the visibility of the Sage technology platform.

I'm your friendly connection between

real people and

real technology

Key Skills

Andrew Spence - 

Solution Consulting Director

Mark has a passion for technology and ensuring it meets the needs of customers.

His understanding of cloud computing and the wider elements that are required to deliver a successful software as a service solution are key developing new business and ensuring customer satisfaction. He's helped me by frequently managing all the technical aspects of multiple, complex commercial deals, aided greatly by his excellent communication and organisational skills.

Mark shows constructive leadership skills, supporting his colleagues to ensure overall success and is a valuable member of any team.

Fabiana Fattore - 

Solution Consultant

Mark is a pleasure to work with, a true team player! He is hard working and always has people's best interests at heart. He is always looking to make people feel motivated and part of a team with his deep knowledge of technology and fantastic story telling skills! Mark is a true professional, who is motivated and willing to learn!”

Ross Nugent - 

Solution Consultant

Mark is the brains of the operation when we work together on numerous sales opportunities. He keeps our technology stack well in check whilst injecting energy and new ideas. Mark is always willing to learn new things, actively pursuing the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.”

I was interviewed by: 

Ramzi Marjaba


"Technology is the fire around which all good stories are told"



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